Unable to spend from BlueWallet linked to my LndHub and my lightning node

I followed the instructions at /connect/bluewallet to connect my BlueWallet to my LNDHub instance and I was able to load sats into that wallet (a transfer from Muun wallet) BUT I am unable to spend outward from this wallet.

Are my 100,000 sats recoverable? I’ve asked around and can’t get an answer. Nobody seems to know.

My wallet shows it’s pointing to my online LNDHub onion Url. My lightning node has zero channels open but does show connections to the network.

When I try to send money to my Umbrel lightning wallet, I get: The error I get is API error: Something went wrong. Please try again later (code 6).

I tried sending to a Muun wallet also, and it fails, with a different error code. Api Error: Payment failed. Does the receiver have enough inbound capacity? (code 10). In this case I do see my lndhub getting hit from my BlueWallet phone app.

My bluewallet-lndhub log does not display the error I see on the client side. Here is the obsfuscated log:

2022-04-23T16:55:39.131Z : info: [/auth] : ["___"]
e139e4d5-28f1-4cfe-b514-a53b97f7f05e - - [23/Apr/2022:16:55:39 +0000] "POST /auth?type=refresh_token HTTP/1.1" 200 118 "-" "BlueWallet/1643409602 CFNetwork/1331.0.7 Darwin/21.4.0"
2022-04-23T16:55:41.191Z : info: [/payinvoice] : ["___","userid: e16668ef54867XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX67b3e1bd08c80","invoice: lnbc980u1p3x........xrcqd6pgrr"]
2022-04-23T16:55:41.221Z : info: [/payinvoice] : ["___","userBalance: 100000","num_satoshis: 98000"]
32aea845-1afe-474d-9071-ab0876fe3562 - - [23/Apr/2022:16:55:41 +0000] "POST /payinvoice HTTP/1.1" 200 100 "-" "BlueWallet/1643409602 CFNetwork/1331.0.7 Darwin/21.4.0"
2022-04-23T16:55:43.487Z : info: [/balance] : ["___"]
2022-04-23T16:55:43.488Z : info: [/balance] : ["___","userid: e16668ef54867XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX67b3e1bd08c80"]
6d2a3e10-a78e-4dd6-943a-a3e579fa0b7e - - [23/Apr/2022:16:55:43 +0000] "GET /balance HTTP/1.1" 200 35 "-" "BlueWallet/1643409602 CFNetwork/1331.0.7 Darwin/21.4.0"
2022-04-23T16:55:50.038Z : info: [/gettxs] : ["___"]
2022-04-23T16:55:50.039Z : info: [/gettxs] : ["___","userid: e16668ef54867XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX67b3e1bd08c80"]
a049bca5-3395-4e24-8fab-afd1a16403ce - - [23/Apr/2022:16:55:50 +0000] "GET /gettxs?limit=10&offset=0 HTTP/1.1" 200 156 "-" "BlueWallet/1643409602 CFNetwork/1331.0.7 Darwin/21.4.0"
2022-04-23T16:55:51.968Z : info: [/getpending] : ["___"]
2022-04-23T16:55:51.969Z : info: [/getpending] : ["___","userid: e16668ef54867XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX67b3e1bd08c80"]
1e5d48c9-370f-4cf5-910c-2d9ef19eed71 - - [23/Apr/2022:16:55:51 +0000] "GET /getpending HTTP/1.1" 200 2 "-" "BlueWallet/1643409602 CFNetwork/1331.0.7 Darwin/21.4.0"
2022-04-23T16:55:53.812Z : info: [/getuserinvoices] : ["___"]
2022-04-23T16:55:53.813Z : info: [/getuserinvoices] : ["___","userid: e16668ef54867XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX67b3e1bd08c80"]


Ok, this article is helpful. Not sure yet if it will solve my issue but it does provide insight: Umbrel + BlueWallet + LNDHub

Ok, solution was that I created a wallet in a BW-LNDHub , but I had 0 liquidity channels to the outside world.

I could have spend money to other wallets in my LNDHub, but I needed a LN-Node liquidity channel in order to actually spend to the outside world.

Have you been able to fix the issue?

Yeah, like I said in my previous comment. The reason I couldn’t spend from the wallet on LNDHub was (apparently?) because I needed at least 1 channel open to somewhere outside my BW-LNDHub. I was finally, therefore, able to spend my sats to a Muun wallet.

Does that sound right to you? Does it sound like I understand what happened? None of the docs specifically said I needed a open channel and so I had to figure that out. The url I referenced above (by Darthcoin) said that LNDHub wallets are only able to talk to each other (in general) and that is what clued me in to the solution I think.

In the same guide I point you, there’s a link where it describe exactly WHAT is a lndhub https://bluewallet.io/lndhub/ - " multiple account plugin for Lightning built on top of the Lightning Network Deamon"

It is very logic that you need to have a LN channel open in order to use them.

Yeah, in retrospect I see what you mean. Was just a learning experience. I wanted to link BlueWallet to my Node, and not knowing how, I proceeded blindly. You can see, from that point of view, how I got lost.

It certainly helped A LOT, once I knew what LNDHub was.

If you want to “play” with lndhub wallets without LN channels, use Lnbits (another app in Umbrel).
Here I wrote 2 guides about that:

Pay attention to details I wrote there:

  • add the line in your lnd.conf file for circular payments
  • use the sqlite database editor to edit and add “fictitious” funds in LNbits lndhub wallets.

Remember: the payments between these lnbits lndhub wallets will work ONLY between them, NOT with real world outside world. But for testing and fun can work.
Use Zeus or bluewallet mobile app to scan and import those lndhub wallets.

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Hi there,
very interesting topic. I just had an installation of LND Hub on my Umbrel Node. Created LN wallet in Bluewallet and tried to pay but failed with this “The error I get is `API error: Something went wrong. Please try again later (code 6).”
I followed several threads over the internet and also Darthcoin’s (thanks for that, very helpful).
The thing is, how in the world can I create my own channel in LND Hub, in the LND GUI everthing is deactivated so no way to generate anything!
Many thanks for your support!


exactty the same issue, since days reading in and out and not able to get it done. You mean you created a new wallet in our LN node different from the LN wallet in your BlueWallet App?
Thanks for the advice

Hey Darthcoin,
Is there any change to get my sats from a BW that is connected to lndhub.io? I know they shut down and I’m late to the ‘move your fund party’ Please let me know, thanks!

You should still be able to move these funds to another wallet. Is there any issue that comes up when you try this?

I tried this, How to switch LNDhubs as a user of BlueWallet and Alby
make a backup and paste the URI in Alby, but didn’t work. It didn’t recognize the URI.

So I think this will be the answer;
‘‘IF you use that lndhub.io in your BW app, you will have to move the funds out to another LN wallet, until April 30. Otherwise you will lose them. Lndhub.io was just a funding source for regular BW users that do NOT run their own node with a lndhub server. That’s all.’’

But I still hope there is a work around. Only thing is lndhub.io doesn’t have any channels open I believe. That’s why it doesn’t work. So changes are very slim.

Ah that’s unfortunate. LNDHub (self-hosted version) is still used a little bit, so the URI should still work, but maybe that’s indicating the node itself won’t connect or something.

I would suggest reaching out to the BlueWallet team too, in this case I’m sure they would be more than happy to help. https://bluewallet.io/docs/
Best of luck

I did send BW a email, still waiting for their reply. I will report when they send something.

:pray: :pray:

haven’t tried it yet. but i got this in the mail!

Seems like there is a possibility. I will report when I have success or failed success.

And it’s done!!

‘‘Your data received. Redeems are processed and batch-sent every few weeks’’

Click the ‘‘→ Recover form here’’ and they will take you by the hand.

Great to hear!
Thanks for sharing this outcome- may be helpful for others in the future