Unable to access/import lightning wallet in bluewallet app using lndhub

my lightning wallet in bluewallet can no longer be used or imported (api error: bad auth (code 1)). I use my own umbrel server. I connected the electrum server and the bluewallet lndhub via qr codes, whichever worked fine. Creating new wallets works. I have the feeling that since the update of the lightning node to version 0.15.0-beta or the umbrel update to 0.50 it no longer works to access the created wallet. I haven’t changed anything and all of a sudden I no longer have the opportunity to access my credit. please give me some ideas what i can do.

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Pecus, I am very sorry that no one has helped you on this or replied back. I am also having this issue with quite a bit of sats on this wallet. trying to restore and get a bad auth code 1 error. I am so frustrated that I am just about to eat the cost and move on, but there may be a simple solution that I am not aware of. Have you gotten the issue addressed?

unfortunately I could not import the wallet. However, I have learned that I still have access to the sats via my lightning node in Umbrel. So i just created a new wallet and transferred the sats to it. Maybe that helps. Best regards