Moving Umbrel Node to new location

Hello I was running my umbrel node last year successfully. Then I moved to a different city with obviously a new internet connection and now when I go to login at http://umbrel.local the site cannot be reached…

How do I update my umbrel node to work on this new internet at my new location?

Thx in advance for you help, greatly appreciate it.


Hey, it’s likely just that your IP address changed so your browser is trying to connect to an address that doesn’t exist anymore. Do you know the IP address of the node?

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thx so much for the response Jonsyu. Correct, is there a way for me to find out my ip addy of the node? I don’t have it saved.

Mm, the best way is to log into your router itself (should have an admin page), which will list all connected devices and their IP address. You can also try an IP scanner like

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I’m a novice at this and that’s an over-exaggeration. Just wanted to run a copy of Bitcoin Core and maybe it turns into lightning use.

Having trouble reconnecting my umbrel node post move. I shutdown the node before moving. I also am using a new router at the new location. I cannot see the umbrel listed as one of the devices connected to the router when logged in to it. How do I get the umbrel to connect to the new router?

Thanks in advance for any help.