Onion address not found after moving node

I was able to access my node remotely via Tor until moving it to a new location. Works fine when accessing it from my local network via umbrel.local though. Haven’t found any other posts on this board discussing this specific problem with remote Tor access. Anyone have ideas/links?

I guess everytime you restart umbrel, Tor address are changed.
Check if using current address, look for it in setting page of Umbrel.

Thanks LoboGuara. I am not frequently at the physical location of the node. If the onion address changes with each reset and/or power outage, how can one one best maintain a reliable remote connection? Or more specifically, if I’m not at the physical node location when it restarts, how can I remotely obtain the new onion address?

Sorry, I think i´m wrong. It changes Tor address in a reinstall, not restarts.
Think you will have to return home to check if node is running, if address changed, or something else

Remember forcing a user data reset is a new install.

Make sure Tor Browser is connected to the network