Local umbrel problems

Hi, I am running a bitcoin node on my Umbrel and also Electrs to connect to wallets etc. Previously on my old router, I was able to connect to both Umbrel and Electrs via umbrel.local.via wifi to my computer.
I have had to change my modem because of a new ISP and now neither work on local.
I have changed the settings on my router so that my Rasberry Pi (Lan connection) now has a fixed IP address and this has worked allowing me to connect to my Umbrel via the new IP address where everything is working fine, BTC node and Electrs both synced at 100%, so no problems there. The problem seems to be that I can only connect my computer to Electrs via umbrel local (via wifi) which of course still isn’t working.
Is there any way to go back to connecting everything via umbrel.local? Thanks for any help you can give

Have you attempted replacing ‘umbrel.local’ with your local IP connection ‘192.168.x.x’ when trying to create that connection?
Using your local IP instead of ‘umbrel.local’ should work the same, but if you would still prefer your computer to use ‘umbrel.local’ you can edit the hosts file on your computer. Here’s a guide :point_right:

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you can try this as well. My network wont connect with umbrel.local it connects with

or just


Brilliant, thank you. I will give it a go

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