Mining software for solo mining

I am looking for BFGMiner or similar as I’d like to be able to point my miners at my umbrel node. For this to work there needs to be some software, like BFGMiner between my miners and my umbrel node but could not find anything in the app store.

Any solutions? I can install BFGMiner on a separate bit of hardware but ideally it should run on the umbrel server as an easy installable appstore app.


Nobody? I’d really like to point my aging miners to mine to my own node and thought this would be of interest to many other umbrel users.

My hand is raised up :raised_hand: with you for an answer - I would LOVE to have this capability


Hi @MrBitcoin

I haven’t tried pooled/solo mining myself, so I can’t verify this, but I would assume you’d be able to point whatever mining software you use to your own node even without an app?

Either way, this is highly requested so it is potentially something that will be added to the app-store in the future.
We also have Portainer, and the community app-store framework which allows you to port your chosen mining software to Umbrel if you’d like to.

Let me know if you have any questions related to that

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The miners talk over the stratum protocol to the pool, even if the pool is effectively solo mining. The stratum pool software talks to the bitcoin node.

The miners would connect to the stratum pool software, asking it for ‘work’ and the stratum pool software talks to the bitcoin node on the umbrel server.

I’ll have a look at portainer but thought more users might be interested as many running umbrel do so because they want to self-host their own so a ready made app would simplify things.