Setup Umbrel without Bitcoin

I know a future release of Umbrel will move the Bitcoin and lightning piecs into the App Store and make it easy to set up an Umbrel node without them.

But in the mean time… is there a way to set up an Umbrel node, and cripple or disable the Bitcoin and Lightning pieces so that I can play with the non-bitcoin apps I am interested in, without going through the IBD for the bitcoin node?

I already have my ‘real’ Umbrel node running … this question is for a 2nd node, which I will probably screw up and rebuild several times…

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+1 on this question - i love umbrel but i would adore the idea of being able to plug and play self-hosting apps without having to wait a week to download a bitcoin blockchain i wont use on this node…

This is like you want to buy a Ferrari car but you request to the manufacturer to remove the Ferrari engine because you just want to drag the car with a horse…

lol … yeah kinda…
I have one Ferrari already… and it took a long time to get to the point where I could drive it.
… Now I want another Ferrari (as you say: Body only) so I can tear it apart and put it together again several times… without touching my existing Ferrari… or waiting for a new engine to arrive.
… I admit, it will never really be another Ferrari.

Bottom line: I want to play with Nextcloud, PhotoPrism, and Pihole … maybe HomeAssistant… but while I am “playing” I will probably build and scrap the server several times (I am really good at breaking things)… and I do not want to wait for the IBD to complete each time I re-build.

But all those can be installed as independent apps anyway.
Umbrel interface dashboard will not help you too much using those apps. So why bother installing Umbrel suite when you can just install those one by one in docker or separate.

Great idea!
I was fixated on Umbrel…


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because umbrel has a pleasant UI that gives me apps with sensible defaults that I can use right away, unlike p.o.s. openmediavault and other home servers. I bought a NAS and I can only install proprietary apps there. As limited as umbrel is, it’s better than most stuff out there, and on top of that, I don’t care about BTC.

I’d like an umbrel please, hold the cripto.

BTW, for anyone, like me, that found this post while trying to disable the btc service:

SSH into your server
ssh umbrel@umbrel.local
#password is either moneyprintergobrrr or the one you use to access the dashboard

Run this to kill the running bitcoin process
docker stop $(docker ps -a | grep bitcoi | awk '{print $1}')

To reclaim the disk space
rm -rf ~/umbrel/bitcoin/blocks/*.dat

LOL, shitcoiner…
Now I understand why this fixation with removing bitcoin. You reveal yourself.

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