Bitcoin Core Wallet on Umbrel

Hello Team!
I just got my Umbrel up and running and am looking for some info on the native Bitcoin Wallet.

  1. Who makes the wallet? Is it
  2. Can I sync the wallet with my phone or is it for the node only?
  3. Can I have the same wallet on a different node?

Thank you,

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You could start reading this getting started guide for Umbrel and many of your questions about running a node will be answered.

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You have a very informative guide and I appreciate the link to it. But, I didn’t find the answers to any of the questions I asked.

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You didn’t find them, because your questions are based on a confusion: Umbrel is NOT a wallet app, is a full node to where you connect other wallet apps.
Change your perspective and you will find the answers.

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I clearly asked the questions I had and your initial response was: head to my link and I will find the answers about running a node. My questions had nothing to do with running a node. My questions were about the Bitcoin wallet that is pre-installed on the node. I didn’t find the answers to my question because they were not on the link you provided, I will be using your site for future reference though.
As for changing my perspective. It would have been changed had you answered my questions or at least pointed me in the right direction. You being a mentor should be looking at my point of view as I know nothing about running a node. I have literally just got it online and had questions about the native Bitcoin wallet.
I know that Umbrel is not a wallet app. I was wondering who makes the native BTC wallet? Can I sync that wallet with an app on my phone? And if I built a second node can I sync the BTC wallet with my first node?

In that guide is very clearly specified: connect some wallet apps to your node (Zeus, Zap, Bluewallet can use the BTC wallet of your node)

You, when you save those 24 words for the first time opening your Umbrel node

If you already have another node, in its own, why would you need to sync with another node? Doesn’t make any sense.
That’s why I said that you have to change your way of thinking about what is a Bitcoin node.
Here you have some resources to study:

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Thank you very much for supplying the resources you did.
For my second question. I understand that I created the wallet. But, who is the programmer of the wallet? Is it a Bitcoincore wallet?
What should I be using that wallet for?

Is right in front of your eyes: Bitcoin Core. What do you need more?

What should I be using that wallet for?

Use it? or just looking at. Or just be salty with it…

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Is it intended to be used to store all of your bitcoin or to be used for something else? I’m just asking because I don’t understand what it’s purpose is.

go and read

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You should store large amounts of bitcoin in something like a hardware wallet (Trezor, Ledger etc.). Your Umbrel wallet shouldn’t be your main wallet - you should use it for easily opening channels on the lightning network (1mil sats+).


Thanks for the reply. Do you have any tips on how to get my sats out to my lightning wallet?

I think the guide that Darth first posted will help. I believe you open a channel on the LN with normal bitcoin funds. This will become funds in your lightning wallet. But there’s a bit more to it than that, but the guide covers it all.

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Here is another guide that will give you more insight about how to keep your bitcoin


I understand that Umbrel isn’t a wallet … and when I first installed Umbrel on my Rasberry Pi, It has a bitcoin core wallet … and that wallet seems to be missing in my latest updates to Umbrel. Am I missing something? I can’t find the wallet I originally sent bitcoin to when I first installed Umbrel. Any idea what I am saying or where I could look for this bitcoin core wallet ??

When I first Installed Umbrel, I used this “built-in” Bitcoin Core wallet. Now that I have updated Umbrel and the UI is completely different, I can’t seem to find the “built-in” wallet? Is it gone? Am I looking in the wrong place for it?

I had to fire up Lightening Node app for the Bitcoin Core wallet to appear I was pulling my hair out for a week looking for the wallet as I was uninterested in Lightening Network.

Perhaps this is a slight bit of misprogramming but, frankly, Umbrel is very Lightening Network focused.

You can have 0 sats in your LN Wallet and as much as you want in your Bitcoin Core wallet.

Had exactly the same problem. Thank you, you saved me a week!