Low ram warning

Using Rpi4B+ with 4gb RAM
1gb SSD externally powered
I finished downloading the Blockchain 30 hours ago.

I am getting Low Ram notification at the top of the UI.

I have no apps installed at the moment.

Any suggestions?

(I have updated to V0.3.12)

here are the relevant logs

Memory usage

          total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available

Mem: 3.8G 1.2G 675M 2.0M 1.9G 2.6G
Swap: 4.1G 191M 3.9G

Hi - same issue here - did you get this resolved?

after a few reboots it cleared … so strange
(rebooted about 6-7 times over 3 days)

I’m getting that message too about low RAM. Did this fix the issue, or is it still happening? Also, i’m trying to decide whether to just upgrade to an 8GB RAM RP and get it over with.

I saw that as well. I deleted a few unused apps and the message went away. I would have liked to keep LNbits, but wasn’t yet using it, so deleted it. Problem solved.

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I saw one comment from someone else, saying they gave it about 12 hours, and restarted their node, and now the RAM usage is fine. Mine is too. Hovers around 50-60% most of the time, even with 2-3 apps running at once (I tried to max it out just to stress test it). I am however, upgrading to a RaspberryPi 4 8GB, just because. Bright side, I’ll have a spare Pi just in case anything happens. Or, I’ve also thought about setting up a secondary backup node.

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