Just got my full node sync'd tonight, a few questions and concerns


Very happy to have umbrel running a full node on my RasPi (4gb). I have a few questions:

1. I’m getting the Low Ram warning and it’s suggesting that I uninstall some apps. I cannot figure out how to uninstall them? How do I do this? According to the Umbrel logs, it looks like Samourai-server is taking up 22.6% of my ram.

2. I sent 3 transactions to my umbrel wallet while it was syncing. 2 of them have shown up in the balance, but one has not. About 600k sats are unaccounted for. Any idea why this might be?

3. How do I get the seed for my Umbrel wallet? I wrote down the secret words from my settings, but when I put them into Electrum, I do not see any funds or activity?

Any help or clarification is appreciated!


Okay, after a bit of due diligence, I think I’ve answered these for myself.

  1. I still have the low ram issue, but I have figured out how to uninstall apps. (Edit button on the top right of apps page)

  2. It turns out this transaction is still unconfirmed, I think that’s why I can’t see it in umbrel yet.

  3. I understand its AEZEED and not BIP now, but I still couldn’t get anything to show up in my blue wallet when I inputted it.

Since when is your wallet 100% synced? It will take about 12 hours after full synchronisation and more RAM is required. I had the same issue but now everything is fine, six apps installed and RAM about 61% used. (4GB Pi) Hope that helps. If you want to open a channel to me, I will rebalance to your node:


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Hey, i was getting low ram warning too. 4GB pi. So you’re saying it will go away and operate fine with just 4GB RAM? If i don’t need to spend the money on a new Pi, i’d rather not.

Yes it will. I have 7 apps installed and using a little more than 2 GB. You will be fine. I don’t know how big future Apps will be though

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Cool. Thank you!