Lightning Node get stuck everytime

My umbrel works fine but after few times Lightning node get stuck. All other app which are not dependant on lightning work fine but all app depending on lightning get stuck and I need to restart my umbrel to get it work for a little time.

Can you please help ?

Thank you

Hey I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. Can you share your debug logs so we can try to see the root cause of the issue?

If you can access Umbrel’s UI in a web browser, go to Settings > Troubleshooting > Start
to download your logs,

Or you can SSH in and use command ~/umbrel/scripts/debug

Then can copy and paste and share the link from a website like so we may review.

Hey Jim
Thank you for your help.

Here is the log of my umbrel. Umbrel log


I have the same issue. Also if I try to open Ride-The-Lightning app I got error 500 “Error: Connect Ehostunreach”.

Can You help me? I have the same issue. Here is my log from ./debug:

Thanks and regards,

Hi @atomzenitram
Could you please try the following, and then give your node ~24hrs

sudo rm ~/umbrel/app-data/bitcoin/data/bitcoin/settings.json
sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app restart bitcoin

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