Lightning not working in Umbrel

Hope all is well.

I have an issue with lightning.

Lightning node is stuck for some days now with this:

For further info, RTL shows error 500:

THunderhub says: can’t connect to this Node.

I shutdown my umbrel, removed my SD card and reinstated it again and the same issue. 15 minutes have passed now since reboot.

Umbrel log here: ====================== Umbrel debug info ======================Umbrel ve -

Can you please help at least to not lose my funds, don’t care if I need to reset my node but at least to recover my funds.

Thanks a lot.

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Thunderhub will only work if lnd is up and running, and it looks like lnd is still waiting for rpc services.

My Umbrel node takes around one hour to fully start, and that is with fewer apps installed. I recognise the long wait for rpc services to function. Maybe wait a little longer, and at least a couple of hours, for rpc services and apps to start up - or if possible uninstall some of the apps so more RAM is available for the the essentials: Bitcoin node, Lightning Node and Thunderhub (or RTL).

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Hello Orville,

I resynced all BTC blockchain. It took me two weeks. Sorry for the delay.

After fully syncing, still the problem persist.

I also followed your advice. Minimum apps install. Quite a good space for RAM. Lightning still gets stuck, I left it open the whole night and remains stuck.

Any other thoughts?

Thank you in advance.

Hey mate, first of all, I assume you have backed up your seed-phrase in case we need to recover the funds in a different wallet?

Can you please try the following and share the output:

then run

~/umbrel/scripts/app restart bitcoin && ~/umbrel/scripts/app restart lightning

Let me know how that goes

+1. This solution worked for me :+1:t4:

Now I’m trying to recover my lightning channels, but this is how I was able to get the Lightning Node app to load. One step at a time.


Hello, at the end I had to recover my BTC wallet from the lightning app. It took around one day and to then to recover the funds from the lightning channels, it closed them automatically, losing some ksats in the process.

Something to improve at Umbrel. It felt like a DoS almost not being able to use Lightning…

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the problem I’m facing now is that my recovery files don’t appear via the automated recovery process. I’ve been working with Umbrel via DM’s to try and recovery, but it’s not looking good :frowning_face: