Ledger and and Umbrel?

Can I connect my Ledger with Umbrel? in case Yes How, please…

  1. Go to “Connect wallet” in your Umbrel dashboard
  2. Open Electrum desktop or Specter, or Sparrow and connect it to your node
  3. Connect Ledger to your PC and connect it to your Specter/Sparrow/Electrum

I have been trying to do the same . This is the message i get.

Could not connect:

Cannot connect to hidden service

That’s because you didn’t do all the instructions. It is very specific: install and run Tor service first on your local PC from where you connect.

When you say open Tor do u open it on the computer that you are remoting from? Or open it on the Node Computer?

You need tor installed and running on your laptop or PC which you have electrum installed, if electrum.
On Debian for example you need to run:
sudo apt install tor
sudo tor

Hope it helps.

Why people fully ignore the very clear instructions in Umbrel?
Is so hard to open the damn Umbrel dashboard, go to connect wallet section and read the damn simple instructions?

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trying to install sparrow wallet, Still Not working… Ive tried it with TOR open and closed.