"[GUIDE] Connect Umbrel to your wallet" needs updating

Ever since the release of the new version of Umbrel with the UI overhaul, it’s become exceedingly more difficult to connect the wallet of choice to Umbrel.

Previously the below link provided the sufficient information along with the drop down menu inside Umbrel itself where the user could select the wallet/app they wished to use to connect. This option is now missing.

[GUIDE] Connect Umbrel to your wallet

For example in the case of Sparrow, which login information is used? It’s unclear.
Is the user supposed to go into the Bitcoin Node app on Umbrel, click on the Connect button and use RPC (Tor) or P2P (Tor)? Or is the user supposed to go into the Lightning Node app and connect using REST (Tor) or gRPC (Tor)? Which one of these is the Electrum Url that Sparrow wants? And should I use the port shown in the respective page on Umbrel or port 5001 as previously used?