Sparrow Wallet Connection to Umbrel

Hi there,
I’m trying to connect my Umbrel to Sparrow Wallet.
I keep getting errors.

Initially I got an error because Tor was running, so I shut that down and then retried, it managed to do some things and then presented me with this error:

“Could not Connect:
Cannot connect to hidden service”

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I got this sorted out.
All you need to do is wait ~12 hours after full sync of your node before you try to connect it to Sparrow.

Hi - I get exact same error… and it is more than 12 hrs since full sync.

But I will give it a day more - then let’s see! Thanks for heads up!


I still get this connection error. It is as if the Umbrels electrum server hasn’t opened the port to receive requests…

Everyone says “wait 12 hours” - but I waited for more than 2 days now… how can I check if the port is open or not? And how to open it, if it’s closed?

I noticed this in bitcoin log:

bitcoin | 2021-05-19T10:46:36Z Socks5() connect to failed: connection refused

Getting same error. Any new tips?

I was able to connect Sparrow wallet again. I think we just needed to wait a little bit after updating the node.

Yeah, it turned out that electrs was reindexing.

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