Is the umbrel-seed BIP39 compliant

I tried to validate my Umbrel 24 word mnemonic phrase (from my test node, not my operational node) with a Python BIP39 validator, and it says it is invalid. I tried another utility and got the same result.

This leads me to the following questions:

  1. Is the umbrel seed phrase actually valid? (I don’t want to discover when I need to restore)
  2. How can indepently verify the validity of the umbrel seed phrase?
  3. What about the scenario of recovering funds to another wallet, if for whatever reason my umbrel node gets taken down, and I need the funds without setting up another instances?

Any insights are appreciated.

No. Umbrel uses aezeed LND type of wallet.
If you want to restore it into another apps, here is a guide with 6 ways to do it

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