Reset umbrel wallet

I’d like to reset the wallet on one of my Umbrels using the 24 word phrase. I saw the recommendation to use Bluewallet or Sparrow; however, that wont work for me because this particular wallet is for the Bitcoin testnet and neither of them seem to support that. I decided to try to repurpose a Pi 4 that had been running Umbrel on the Bitcoin main net until a few months ago, but that didn’t work either. Basically, it came up on the testnet, but it still had the old main net 24 word phrase (seems like a bug). Is there someway to force a reset of just the wallet? Do I have to reformat the SSD or something?


Hi @morleyd

You should be able to set Sparrow up in Testnet with the following

For Umbrel, I haven’t tried this but I believe you will need to set the Bitcoin Node to testnet mode, and then you can uninstall/reinstall the Lightning app to enter your given seed phrase (assuming it is in the correct format AEZEED). Hope that helps

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Thanks! I’m new to Sparrow and just missed that. I’ll give it a try.

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