Is umbrel wallet a bitcoin wallet?

Hello guys, maybe a silly question but I was wondering why can’t I successfully import my umbrel wallet’s seed phrase to a ledger nano device. Isn’t it a normal Bitcoin wallet? If I import my seed phrase into a lightning wallet such as blue wallet would I gain access to my funds. Just experimenting a bit more after setting up a node for the first time! Thank you in advance,

The owl

Why would you import that seed into ledger HW? It doesn’t make sense.
Umbrel is using LND AEZEED Bitcoin wallet. That means is NOT compatible with BIP39 recovery type.
See more about wallet type seed and derivation path here

Umbrel node wallet should NOT be used in parallel in another app! Could be imported into Bluewallet, Zap (desktop), Blixt, Sparrow, Electrum or other LND app, but ONLY in case of emergency, when you want to recover your dead umbrel node (see here the recovery guide).

Very helpful! I was missing that umbrel wallet is not a bip39 compatible one! Thank you for your answer!

if it is no a bip39 compatible one what it is?

Umbrel is a LND wallet, aezeed.
If you want to import the seed into another app you can use Bluewallet or Zap Desktop.
Also you can import it into Sparrow but using a tool like!/aezeed that generate the master private key to be imported into Sparrow.

Nevertheless I DO NOT RECOMMEND to do that. Do not use your node wallet in the same time as you use it with your node and another app. You could mess up UTXOs and anchor outputs, messing around with your LN channels.

Use those apps ONLY when your node is dead and you need to restore it.
As I described in this dedicated guide.

You have been warned!