Didn't receive a seed phrase upon setup

Hi all,
I’m new to Umbrel but already very impressed with the product.
However, when setting up my device I never received a seed phrase. Is this normal? Do you only receive the seed when setting up an actual BTC or Lightning node? My BTC node is currently syncing but I haven’t been provided a seed phrase yet, either.
Thanks in advance for the help!

Hey @arcticorangutan! That’s normal, you can install the Lightning Node app to receive your 24words mnemonic phrase and recover on-chain & off-chain funds with it,

Thank you for the quick response Marcaday.
Just to confirm: When I first set up Umbrel I do NOT get a seed?

The reason I ask is that in this video there seems to be a seed phrase issued upon first set up (at 5:00).

Yes, that’s correct !
Since Umbrel 0.5.0 the UI changed, and you’ll receive a 24-word mnemonic phrase when setting up the Lightning node app.
The blurred thing you are referring to in the video is not the mnemonic phrase but the .onion address that allows him to remote access his node. You can find it in Dashboard > Settings > Remote Access

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Fantastic, thank you Marcaday. He does get the .onion address but also a seed phrase.
But that explains it then, that the UI has changed.

Thanks again!

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