Is it ok to turn off BTC node overnight

Hi all

Just wondering whether it is ok to turn off my btc node each night and then just reboot it in the morning so that it re syncs?

I assume I will only be able to use my connected wallet when it is on and re synced? But as I am hodling only with very few transactions I am ok with this.

My main concern is the SSD catching fire whilst the family are asleep? I know it’s rare but thinking it may not be worth the risk? Any thoughts on this?


sure you can power off your node as often as you want if you use the proper shutdown button in the umbrel dashbaord settings.

exectly it needs to be 100% synced to work with your self custody

the SSD’s are not build to be a server harddrive but don’t worry they will last very very long and there is no reason to turn it off in my opinion. your umbrel also only uses around 7.5 watts this is less than 2€ electricity per month.

your decision but after some research i definitely decided to never turn it off :slight_smile:


Thanks for the considered response this is really helpful. Seems you had the same decision to make as myself

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i’m glad to help you out with that!
yes took me some time to figure that out
but great that you can take more easy decision now


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You could place the SSD in a fireproof, open metal box in case it catches on fire.

no worries it won’t :sweat_smile: