Sync Loop 10% then 2%

Been fighting my node for about 5 weeks now. I had added reindex=1 to resync, didnt realize that also needed to be deleted or it would resync on reboot. I believe I have that fixed now.

The issue now is the I get to about 10% then it will dump back to around 2%. I have been trying to sync this node for 5 WEEKS.

I reflashed SD as the last reflash was 0.3.8 or something.

At this point I dont really know what to do.

Couple things I notice that dont seem correct
262,591 of 534,578 blocks Why does it think theres only 534k blocks vs nealy 800k?
Also shows 10 peers Mempool 0 bytes hashrate 2 PH/s and Blockchain size 180GB

are you using a SSD?
Do you have it set for a pruned node?
the xx of xx should adjust as it reaches the upper limts
10 peers is standard for syncing
the rest im not sure

Not a pruned node. Yes SSD.

6-7 weeks of syncing hits 10% and drops back. At this point I think I just need to get my sats out and move on from umbrel.

How can I close all my channels if I cant get the node to sync?