What to do? reinstall lightninig node with closed channel

Hey guys, here’s the thing. Unfortunately, I had to restart my bitcoin node because it no longer synced. Of course, my umbrel lightning node didn’t work anymore either. Through my umbrel node, I reinstalled the bitcoin node app and it is now almost completely resynced with the blockchain. Then I want to reinstall the umbrel lighting app. I now know how to do that, but I still have a few questions. When reinstalling, I will be asked if I have existing channels open. Before my bitcoin node didn’t give any problems, I had 1 channel open. I now see on 1ml.com that my channel is closed?! Fortunately, I still have a back up file from the time my channel was open. What should I choose when reinstalling the lightning node app? Should I choose to have a channel open because my backup is also from that time? Or should I choose that I don’t have a channel open because it is somehow now closed at 1ml.come?

I would choose “have a channel open”. Nothing to lose.
Also, did you receive back your satoshi from the closed channel?

Hey Lost_knight, thanks for repsonse and i will do so. I don’t know if I’ve already received my funds back from the closed channel. Where can I see that? At the moment, my bitcoin node is still syncing the blockchain. When I have the lighting node operational again, I might be able to see it?

Yes, you should wait after the bitcoin node 100% synced.
You can see the recovered satoshis in the lightning node on the condition that you have your 24 seed words.

Ok, great! And thank you very much again.

Hi Magic, I’m about to do the same thing. My BTC node is 100% sync. When you reinstalled the lightning app, how long did it take to resync? Also, did your recover your Sats to main BTC wallet? Thanks…

I did the same and reinstalled the lightning app. The Bitcoin wallwt was OK, but the Lightning wallet was empty and channels was open anymore. I took a picture of my open channels so I know ho it was with and how much I had, but how to get it back?

I hope someonegota good idea.

Regards Svein

May be I am on to something. In Lightning Node I found three … to the right. When I clicked on it I got a menu withe several options. I tried Recover channels and had to find the last good bacupfile. I had to go all the way back to August 14 2023. It will be interesting to see how long this recovery prosses will get.

Yes, I got 0.07 bitcoin back and 0.03 is in the prosses of closing channels. It look like I am getting everything back in a short time. That was very good news.

That’s good you’ve recovered your Sats. I tried Recover Channels plenty of times with different dates and still no good. How long did it take did the recovery process take for you? For me, it was spinning and/or syncing for 3 days or so. I lost patience so just stopped it. Thanks for letting me know.

My fault was that I did not have nerves to try recover the bitcoins right away. I put the node in a drawer for several months waiting for more info. When I finally decided to try to recover it took a week. First, I needed to sync the blockchain for the missing time. That took 3 days, then I tried to open the lightning node app, but it needed several days to sync. Some of my channels had been closed during my long absent, and the sat from that was in mybitcoin wallet. The lightening wallet was empty. I deleted the lightening app, and installed the latest version. Used the 24 word seed phrase to install. When it was ready, the last four channels was closed, and after a day or too I got the sat into my .It was only ACINQ that was left

Payment Channels



0 Sats0 Sats

Max Send Max Receive

I am not sure why this channel is taking so much longer than the rest, but it is only 500000 sat. Maybe the fee is too low, so it has to wait until a day the fee is low enough. My Umbrel node is not good. I need to try several times when I want to connect to it from my PC. I plan to upgrade to Umbrel v 1.0.0 something, but I will wait till all the sat is recovered.

Now I might be in trouble. I had to power down the Pi because some power changes. When the power got back, the pi booted. It is Umbrel v 1.1. The next day I was shocked. When I logged into my PI, all my apps were gone. I did not find anything. I tried to SSH into the pi to look for bitcoin blockchain but could not find it. I downloaded the app Bitcoin Node, and it started to build a new blockchain. I only got 1 TB of SSD, so there is not room for two copies of the blockchain. If I remember correctly, it was about 650 GB. I do not know what to do. Now the new blockchain is getting close to 100 GB, so if the old one is there it will soon be no space. What will happen them?

I downloded the File Browser, but did not find any file?
On the last line it say:
97.8 GiB of 106 GiB used

File Browser 2.27.0Help