Invalid JWT for getting fiat value of BTC on dashboard

System: Dell Poweredge T40
OS: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Hard drive: HDD
Umbrel Version: 0.4.1

The fiat $ conversion displayed on the dashboard returns $NaN, upon further inspecting by checking the /manger-api/v1/external/price endpoint, it returns “invalid JWT”

[Attempts to resolve]
I stopped Umbrel using sudo ./scripts/stop and restarted it using sudo ./scripts/start after it had completely and properly stopped all services.

Everything else seems to be working fine, BTC Core is fully synced, LND is running just fine, all my apps are working properly.

I have the same issue, well - I didn’t inspect whether it’s caused by the invalid JWT but at least the symptom is the same.
" $NaN "
Is it perhaps a DNS Filtering setting? Any endpoint domain I’d want to whitelist?