Bitcoin price does not display

Bitcoin Node on my Umbrel is 100% synched. The machine’s display shows (1) the current blockchain height, (2) the date/time, and (3) the next block fees/# transactions, etc. But it does not display the bitcoin price or the sats/currency. The only thing on that fourth screen are the BTC and sats icons, the designated currency (USD), and the machine temperature. I rebooted the Umbrel, but that didn’t correct the display problem. I checked the logs, and the ending statement says “The debug script did not automatically detect any issues with your Umbrel.” Any idea why the price and sats/currency are not displaying? Not sure what to look for in the debug logs.

Just noting that I am experiencing the exact same issue and looking for some ideas too.

The BTC price and sats/currency amount just reappeared on my Umbrel without my doing anything. Hope you and others see it again, too.

can I ask what are you talking about?

The only thing on that fourth screen

what forth screen? What app?

I dont think I can see anywhere the bitcoin price on my umbrel node anywhere on any of the apps I have installed.
I would like to though

I’m talking about my hardware device, which is called The Bitcoin Machine – made by Doido, powered by Umbrel. The LCD on the front cycles through four different displays: (1) current block height, (2) date/time, (3) BTC price and satoshis/selected currency, 4) next block fees, # transactions in next block, total unconfirmed transactions. That’s the way the device is programmed to operate “out of the box.” The displays that I described are not connected to any of the installed apps available on the Umbrel. To see the displays, I look at the LCD on the front of The Bitcoin Machine.

thanks, I was super confused as I had no idea what you meant by the machine.
I had never heard of that product before

The Bitcoin Machine was designed for people like me who are bitcoin advocates and want to support the network but who don’t have the tech savvy to construct their own nodes. Do a search for “thebitcoinmachines” to find the website.

Yea man I looked it up yesterday.
Glad to have you on board :slight_smile: