Feature request: option to hide fiat conversion

I am working in the Umbrel dashboard almost the entire day. I see the USD conversion all the time, but I do not want to see this conversion, 1 BTC = 1 BTC.

Please add an option to hide the conversion, maybe in combination to convert to other fiat currencies for people that do want to see fiat conversion.

Other option would be to create a Tampermonkey userscript that hides the fiat value, but I will only make that if there is no appetite for this feature native in Umbrel.

Don’t. That is just a simple interface for managing apps, connect to wallets and make backups. That’s it. Is not meant to be used as main interface for managing the node.
Use Thunderhub and/or RTL apps from App Store. Are there for a reason.
Also from mobile you can use Zeus and Zap apps to manage your node.
Please read this getting started guide with umbrel and you will understand more