Bitcoin/Lightning App Store migration

I am very interested in spinning up an Umbrel server at home, but am not a crypto kinda guy. I don’t see any update on when the bitcoin/lightning portions will be ported out to the app store since August. Is there any news? If it hasn’t been ported out, would you recommend standing up the server anyway then removing those components later? I’d like to spin it up, but I don’t want a bunch of complications when the change happens. Thank you!

Thank you for your time. So does that mean the base install does NOT come with those things preinstalled? Or they come preinstalled but can be removed?
I’m sorry to bother - just trying to make sure I understand.

Ok. I was polite in my response, but you’ve been a condescending a@@hole both times.

  1. I am the Chief Technology Officer of a $1.5 billion dollar corporation. I understand technology. I’m not lazy nor mad nor dumb.
  2. I don’t give a sh!t about Bitcoin. I want a privacy-focused server to run my home automation and private cloud apps on. Umbrel was designed from the ground up to be private. I want to use it for my purposes, NOT YOURS.
  3. The founders of Umbrel (of which you aren’t apparently a member) broadcasted in August their intent to create an Umbrel installation in which the Bitcoin/Lightning node pieces would be optional, obviating the need for a 1TB drive for install. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Is that work done or not? If not, I’ll wait. If so, I’ll install now.
  4. How about putting the measuring stick away when people ask questions? Toxicity from technology forum members is a real problem, inhibiting adoption because people are intimidated or don’t want more a@@holes in their lives.

Bottom line: Be respectful and ATFQ instead of pontificating about how everyone who doesn’t live in their mom’s basement eating Cheetos and drinking 7-11 Big Gulps is a loser.

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GO away shitcoiner

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Hey guys, sorry to see this conversation wasn’t productive.

@pncampbell we’re very close to migrating Bitcoin and Lightning to the app store. I’d recommend keeping an eye on our announcements to get notified as soon as the update is out!

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