Misinformation about Umbrel?

Hi there,

Just received an email from the bitcoin-dev community about the RaspBerry standard and Umbrel has been mentioned in the article linked on in.

This guy, I believe should be ignored because he probably missed a few points. Look’s to me is just tagging and talking about bitcoin to generate traffic on his website, and promoting it into the wrong community 🤦.

I’m new to this community but I don’t think this article is doing good marketing to Umbrel as an OpenSource solution. or at least that’s what I understood it is…

Any thoughts?

The only part that concerns me is that Umbrel is completely free – and yes, it’s true that the TBM that sells prebuilt nodes that has Umbrel’s software installed, so it doesn’t mean that Umbrel is paid-to-use…

Maybe @mayank and @lukechilds want to do something about this?

@n080dy Thank you for bringing this to our attention, that article isn’t doing anyone any good.

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Disclaimer: I do not work for Umbrel and I do not kiss their ass. I am just a simple Umbrel user.
I always speak the truth in the face, no matter is. Many consider me a crazy motherfucker and that I have a “bad tone”, I don’t fucking care, truth hurts no matter how you say it.

My point on this is the following:

  1. There’s a lot of noise around Umbrel licensing. I call it total BS envy, because Umbrel is hitting hard in others “business models”.
  2. Umbrel licensing is very clear for me: use it as personal server node for FREE. Is open source, you can review the code if know how. Are you depending on devs to release updates? YES. But I consider that a pro point. Why? Because many noobs don’t even know how to use a SSH, not talking about updating a software. So having somebody that is doing that for you and testing it, for FREE is a damn job that you do not appreciate!
  3. You want to sell node with Umbrel? Simple: use their partnership with The Bitcoin Machine and you are covered, resell those machines to businesses that need a node. What’s the big deal in this? You offer the services, not the software.
  4. All this bullshit crap noise about “not being FOSS” for me is just fucking noise created for nothing. I truly don’t think Umbrel devs will never compromise their reputation for doing something bad with Umbrel code. This is really stupid to think. And please don’t come to me with the “don’t trust verify”, because in this case do not apply. If you are so paranoia, then build your own software, but don’t complain about others that don’t know how to do it.