Internet connection issues

Hello everybody!
Ever since I initially synced, I’ve been getting internet connection issues approximately every 3 days. It’s always the same. I wake up, realize there’s no internet connection, I reset my router and disconnect my rpi and I get connection again. I then plug in my rpi again, sync and everything is fine for 2-3 days, and then it happens again. It’s probably one of the main reasons I haven’t started experimenting with LN yet. The ISP is clueless. I downloaded the debug file from my local network (I can connect to rp locally no problem). What’s the problem? Tor? The rpi is connected to router via ethernet cable.
umbrel-1656575473487-debug.log (47.7 KB)

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I have the same issue

The internet my node is connected to keeps running into issues also. Everytime 1-3 days into running umbrel (with bitcoin node and electrs) it will say there is no internet connection, and then I restart my node by unplugging power and plugging it back in and the network has internet again. This makes my node somewhat unusable, especially when I am away from home.