Impossible to connect WHIRLPOOL to dojo

Can someone help about WHIRLPOOL ?

I have tried everything (Mac Os X) …Brew and Tor are installed => impossible to connect to Dojo whatever I do … the APY key (retrieved via Terminal) doesn’t do it :expressionless::confused:… the instruction from samourai server same : nothing… it won’t connect to CLI … I am stcuk …

Samourai Wallet is connected to UMBREL and works fine … the node is latest version updated

this is a bomer !!! … any suggestions ??? thx in advance

Hey I have the exact same problem, did you finally find a way ?

Thanks very much !

no, I gave up … and nobody ever gave me the solution … I think it is a bug with UMBREL + WHIRLPOOL … I use Sparrow Wallet instead, but it only works if you let the computer run so it sucks

Sorry for the lack of response, if you ever wanna give it another shot, just tell me and we will look into it together.

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For me the problem (as I’m a super noob), was just that I wasn’t runnning TOR properly on my PC and thought it was enough to have TOR Browser installed to make it work.
Once TOR was installed as specify in step 1 of the Samourai App on Umbrel, everything worked perfectly

@louneskmt I have had this issue for months and months, across multiple Umbrel updates. Would appreciate any help you could provide.