Unable to connect to Samourai Whirpool GUI

I’m trying to connect Whirpool to my umbrel node. I have connected Dojo wallet, but I receive the following error when I attempt to connect Whirlpool. Running Fedora 36.

Would this be an issue on my device or whirlpool gui?

Hey @bc1! Sorry that you’ve run into this issue :confused:
Could you please provide us with the samourai server logs to determine what causes the error?
You can do that using a Terminal and type :

ssh -t umbrel@umbrel.local “~/umbrel/scripts/app compose samourai-server logs --tail=20”

Sorry, should have mentioned that umbrel is running on a Raspberry Pi 4b so I access via the browser. The command returns the following

bash: “~/umbrel/scripts/app: No such file or directory

That’s strange :thinking:, If you can access Umbrel via the browser, it’d be worth checking the troubleshooting logs.
You can get them in Dashboard > Settings > Troubleshoot
and share them with us.
Do the other apps on your Umbrel work normally?