Can't connect to Samourai Whirlpool

device / OS: raspberry pi 4 8GB
connected to the Internet via WiFi
drive SSD
node 100% synced

I am following the Samourai Server steps and I achieve block 1 to connect to dojo but in the block 2 to connect to whirlpool gui I am stucked in step 6, when I click the connect button it outputs this error:

Connection failed: Could not connect to CLI (may take a few seconds to start…)


Any luck? I’m having the same problem.

The “may take a few seconds to start…” is a little misleading.

My experience has been that Tor takes a while so “seconds” can actually take a “minute.”

Is there an update on this?

I’ve got the same issue/PROBLEM!

I rebooted my node and was able to connect. :man_shrugging:

Hi, I have a same problem. Anyone know how to fix it?

Are you sure tor is running on your computer? You may need to open a terminal and type tor (if you’re on a mac).

I have the same problem. I have confirmed that Tor is running on my computer. I have also rebooted my Umbrel. None of this helps. A solution would be greatly appreciated!

Its kinda funny that nobody had a fix for this. This is stupid. Has anyone got this corrected? (can’t connect CLI)

Reinstalling/updating Tor solved this issue for me using windows 11. Also, make sure you have Tor open and connected before starting whirlpool.