About Samourai Dojo, Wallet App and Whirlpool

Am I right when I say the Samourai Dojo is the server how is running on the Umbrel. The Samourai Wallet is the App on my phone, which is connected to the Dojo Server. The privat and public keys are on the wallet App. The Samourai Whirlpool is on the Umbrel and I use the Whirlpool GUI on my PC to control the Whirlpool as a mixer? What happen wenn I close my Whirlpool GUI. Dose the mixer still running on the Umbrel?

Thank you in advance!

Here some great tutorials about whirlpool

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To answer my question, it really seems to be what I suspected. Whirlpool runs independently on Umbrel. You can switch off the PC, Whirlpool continues to run.

Were you able to get yours to connect. When I try to connect through Advanced: remote CLI, I get an error.

Yes is works, but Tor is a little tricky.

If you use Windows you have to download the “Windows Expert Bundle” from torproject.

There you will finde “tor.exe”. This ist noch a install file, it ist Tor (hub/client/?) itself. So when you start it, there will open a CLI Window. You have to keep it open for Whirlpool!

A much better way is to install Tor as a service. Then it will run always in the background. A good installation instruction you will finde here:


Thank you very much aXel! I will try this way out.

It worked, thank you!!

Thank you - this helped me get it running. I also followed these instructions to get the API key.