Samourai Whirlpool

Does someone has a working solution of running a Samourai whirlpool CLi on Umbrel? I just came to know that Umbrel doesn’t support a separate instance of Tor which is requirement for samourai whirlpool
request for umbrel developers to provide Whirlpool GUI app on Umbrel

I needed it to get Samourai whirlpool CLI installed on umbrel.
By the way if you are stuck during service due to Tor---- start saying an error message something like–

ERROR: for tor Cannot start service tor: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint tor

then I recommend to kill tor and restart umbrel service from terminal.

I don’t think there is a solution for it yet.

not sure I understand what the problem is you’re describing, but a whirlpool cli instance is included in the samourai umbrel app? I had a couple of issues setting this up because my samourai gui was connected to another cli, but now it’s working.

My understanding is that they have a DOJO implementation(node to connect to your wallet), but you still need to run a whirlpool GUI on your laptop or some other computer. and in fact that’s the instructions given when you open Samourai app. My point is that we should not require to run a separate Whirlpool in some other computer, if I am already running a node 24/7. Why not run whirlpool also in it?

No the different servers are just packed into one app. You actually run a Dojo and a whirlpool cli server when using the samourai umbrel app: ‘Samourai Server is an exclusive Umbrel app that runs Samourai Dojo and Whirlpool backing servers’.

Hmm… thats new for me. So when I open that app it gives me instructions to open a whirlpool GUI for continuous mixing. Why is that?

I think whirlpool GUI is just an optional interface to interact with whirlpool cli. In case you don’t want to install the GUI, you can still continuously mix since you’re running dojo + cli on the umbrel server. In this case you just use your samourai mobile wallet as an interface.

Edit: a CLI backed GUI is the way to go according to Samourai. I’d just follow the instructions you see when opening the app on Umbrel to achieve this and install a GUI on your computer.

Well my point was that May be Umbrel team can build that GUI in the appstore only, because that way we wont end up running 2 computers 24/7

You don’t need to run your GUI 24/7 in order to mix. The GUI in this setup is just a client on your computer and doesn’t handle the mixing.