How to post messages on Amboss Billboard is a great tool for LN node operators. Here you have a video tutorial about what you can do with Amboss and help you with your node management.

But in this mini-guide I will explain how you can post a message on the Keysend Billboard. This option have great potential and will be continuously improved with new features. Billboard with messages from node operators

There was already used in some kind of “LN-ebay” with success, a simple message that bring together the seller and the buyer.


How simple, right?

You can even announce your node maintenance downtime, so your peers will be informed and take in consideration your “offline time”. This is a good practice for node operators.

Messages that contain a higher amount of sats pushed/paid to Amboss, will stay longer on the Billboard.


  • have a prepared node with some channels open, to be able to send that message and pay the fee. Is a simple LN tx actually, but contain a message attached.
  • You can add node as peer but that will be temporary. I suggest to open a channel with their node (min. is 1M sats) and when you send message to the Billboard the sats from that channel will be used. You can use this channel also for other payments, there’s no restriction.

So, there are some ways to post a message there and I will explain them in simple steps.

A. Using Thunderhub node management app

Many new node operators using myNode or Umbrel already have this app installed, easy to use and very powerful for managing a node.

  • go to Billboard and under the title you have the link to copy the pubkey. If you already have Amboss node as peer/channel skip this step.
  • go to Thunderhub app and on top right icons open the chat page


chat widget

  • if is your first chat message to them, click on new chat and select from your peers list the Amboss node. If you do not have it as peer, just paste their pubkey into the box new peer. It will open the chat window.

you can use custom amount of sats to push your message to stay longer on the Billboard

  • just simply type your message in the box and click “send”, that will use default 1sat/message fee
  • if you want to send with a specific amount, use /pay . Messages with a payment attached appear with that red dot in the corner.
  • Messages sent with value of 1-999 sats will show on the Billboard >=1sat. Messages with value of 1000-1999 will show on the Billboard >=1000 and so on…

B. Using Blixt mobile wallet

Blixt wallet is also a wonderful new mobile app, that is also a LND node and recently they added this new feature of keysend messaging.

Simply open the sliding drawer from the left and select keysend message. Type your message, add the sats you want to push and click send.

Demo keysend with Blixt

C. Using Breez wallet

Yes, now you can use also Breez wallet to send keysend messages on LN network.

There are also another ways to send messages to Amboss Billboard and will be added here, once were tested.

Have fun with Lightning Network! This is a great tool!

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