Umbrel community in Amboss

Look’s like admins don’t care about the community on AMBOSS… just a reminder to approve member’s requests to join :wink:

Is this still a thing?

Hey @mekongmonkey it looks like Amboss communities requires 2 total approvals, it does look like we have the Umbrel one it, and 2 more community members must approve!

I have a request too and we may look into this further, we could create a duplicate community (but apparently Amboss governance is difficult and then there would always be two groups) or see if this spurs interest we need more ppl currently in it to approve our requests if we are able to make contact with 2 more other than Umbrel’s on this group that got created let me know!

Hi @usernameisJim, thank you for your response. I will monitor Amboss for nodes labeled with the Umbrel tag to secure additional approvals. If I am understanding correctly, if we both obtain approval, we will be granted the tag and will be able to approve new members. This should help us revive the Amboss Umbrel community.