Switch your LN on maintenance mode


i didn’t find the procedure (if any) to put my LN node into maintenance mode.
Goal: i know i’m gonna move in several month and i won’t be able to keep the LN online as i’ll be on a plane. the maintenance period would be from 24 to 48h.
i know the LN node is supposed to be online 24/7/365 but in somes cases its impossible (like this case).

Here is my question:

is there a way to put the LN node into some kind of maintenance mode ?
i mean can the node broadcast to its channels to no longer send requests during that time.
And a way to broadcast when your node is back ?
Ideally the channel/node would be on the maintenance state avoiding the connected channels from starting a transaction.

Another solution would be to wait for all transactions to be finished and then power off the LN during my move (i would prefer a clean solution).

Can someone help me on this ?
What would be the list of actions to do according to the actual technical possibbilities, to properly stop/restart the node with the minimum impact ?

Subsidiary question:
As the node will come back to life on another IP adress (but still the same onion adress), i guess its transparent (nothing to do on the network configuration). Do you agree with that ?

thanks in advance.

just inform your peers that you will be offline. That’s it.
No need to do anything else.
If they are informed you will be offline, they know that is temporary and will not close those channels.

A simple way is to announce that on Amboss.space billboard or in your telegram groups for rings announce it. or on https://lightningnetwork.plus page in posts, or directly with your peers, if you maintain contact.

Thank you DarthCoin for your answer. It’s perfect.