Poll: Do you know how to sign a message?

Do you know how to sign a message with your Umbrel node?
  • Yes, no problem.
  • No, what’s that?

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Here are the results for the same poll on Twitter with many answers if anyone is interested: https://twitter.com/BTC_LN/status/1427114923075653634

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I just don’t know what is the purpose :joy::joy:

to be able to login using your node signing message into lightningnetwork.plus so not using email address. This is a more secure way.

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Applicable only when you have lightningnetwork.plus account?

I have a message I want to send to a channel I have opened with. I Looped in 800k sats trying to play with rebalancing channels but I have no idea in Thunderhub what the signature is. Theres 2 areas in Thunderhub for the message, but I am not clear on why theres 2 areas for messsage. There doesnt seem to be any explanation anywhere I could find.

The purpose is to verify you own a node. Amboss uses it for example. And LN+ will soon too.

If someone claims they own a node you can ask them to sign your message and you can verify if they are indeed controlling the private keys or not.

I see! Thank you so much for answering!

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You can’t send a message with this feature to a node. The word message is misleading here. You can however keysend a transaction which includes a message.

Here I posted a simple guide how to send paid messages with keysend on Amboss.space Billboard

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I sometimes use the PeachBitcoin app, and I would like to use the Bitcoin Wallet of the Lightning Node on the Umbrel as the wallet to use with their App (in stead of their own).
In that process they indeed want me to sign the message as proof that I own the node.
So how does that work on the Umbrel? I can’t find any setting or dialog for it in the Umbrel Lightning node.
Thanks, Willem

OK, I found the tools in the “Thunderhub” and “Ride the Lighting” apps.
But Peach does not like the format of the signature. To be continued.

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That’s strange, it’s pretty standard- does it give anymore information?

No, it just shows an error.
The very friendly helpdek of PeachBitcoin gave me the following reaction: “signing messages with a lightning node does node verify control over a specific address. Lightning node message signing is based on the node pubkey. Address message signing on the other hand is a signing process that takes the corresponding private key of the address you want to sign for.”
As far as I can see, this is not supported by the Bitcoin Wallet of the Lightning Node.