Poll: Do you know how to sign a message?

Do you know how to sign a message with your Umbrel node?
  • Yes, no problem.
  • No, what’s that?

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Here are the results for the same poll on Twitter with many answers if anyone is interested: https://twitter.com/BTC_LN/status/1427114923075653634

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I just don’t know what is the purpose :joy::joy:

to be able to login using your node signing message into lightningnetwork.plus so not using email address. This is a more secure way.

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Applicable only when you have lightningnetwork.plus account?

I have a message I want to send to a channel I have opened with. I Looped in 800k sats trying to play with rebalancing channels but I have no idea in Thunderhub what the signature is. Theres 2 areas in Thunderhub for the message, but I am not clear on why theres 2 areas for messsage. There doesnt seem to be any explanation anywhere I could find.

The purpose is to verify you own a node. Amboss uses it for example. And LN+ will soon too.

If someone claims they own a node you can ask them to sign your message and you can verify if they are indeed controlling the private keys or not.

I see! Thank you so much for answering!

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You can’t send a message with this feature to a node. The word message is misleading here. You can however keysend a transaction which includes a message.

Here I posted a simple guide how to send paid messages with keysend on Amboss.space Billboard

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