How to install 1.1.1 on Proxmox

1) create a VM in Proxmox’s interface.

On the OS tab, choose. “Do not use any media

On the System tab, set the BIOS to “UEFI” and uncheck "Add EFI Disk

On the Disks tab give it at least 32gb

Give it the amount of CPUs and RAM you want

2) Go to the proxmox Shell

unxz umbrelos-amd64-usb-installer.img.xz
qm importdisk YOUR_VM_ID umbrelos-amd64-usb-installer.img YOUR STORAGE

3) Attach the new drive.
Go to your VM under “Hardware” You should see “Unsued Disk 0
Double click it and click “Add

4) Set boot order
Go to ‘Options’ → ‘Boot Order
Move the new drive to the top and check “Enabled

5) Start VM
And install


I have been doing exactly these steps a few times now but i can’t seem to boot up into the installer. Which cpu/system etc. settings are you using?

I have a Intel NUC with Intel Core i7-8809G CPU

Double check you drive setup

Should see this under hardware, scsi0 is the main hard drive and scsi1 is the intaller USB (your numbers might be different)

and the boot order should have scsi1

I have followed the instructions but my virtual machine is not booting… I get the following error:

I have also the right boot order:

Could you please help me?
One hint: please work together with tteck and create an installation script for Proxmox like these. The installation would be much more straight forward!

Thanks very much for your work!

An also the disk configuration should be ok:

Another picture of the boot configuration:


Update 03.05.2024:
Deleting the EFI disk allowed me to boot. Thanks!

Delete the EFI Disk and try again

Wow, that did it for me. Any clue why it acts that way?

Something to do with when the EFI disk is present, the system tries to boot from it but fails

i did everything but the unused disk does not appear but it shows that’s been created, how can i fix this?

What happends when you run?

qm importdisk 100 umbrelos-amd64-usb-installer.img local

my bad at the end it worked, the problem was that i was switching pages when i saw 100% and not the message of successful mount, thx anyway

can you please help me what is “YOUR STORAGE” in this case?
this is what I have in proxmox.

Simply enter local-lvm. Your VM ID is 101, so the command should look like this:
qm importdisk 101 umbrelos-amd64-usb-installer.img local-lvm

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Hi, i followed the guides:
How to update from umbrelOS 0.5 to umbrelOS 1.1 on Linux devices and
How to install 1.1.1 on Proxmox
Now i have the vm installed, i’ve created a 850G disk for this vm, and now i need to import umbrel-data.tar, the installer made for me a first partition / with 9.6G and a /data partition with 804G, where need import it?
The guide say Create the directory /home/umbrel/umbrel/import inside your VM and extract umbrel-data.tar into it by running:
mkdir /home/umbrel/umbrel/import && tar -xvf umbrel-data.tar -C /home/umbrel/umbrel/import but i haven’t so much space inside

Deactivate “Secure Boot” in VM Bios. To access VM Bios hit “ESC” while Proxmox Logo is shown.