How to enable NVME board Raspberry Pi 5

Hi all, just installed 1.0 on my RPi 5 and it works find - despite not being able to use wifi using the .conf method.

I have this installed with a 2TB drive which CasaOS picks up by default but Umbrel isn’t. It’s just picking up the spare space on the mSD.

Any ideas on how I can enable this?

Same to me. My nvme board is this EP-0210 - 52Pi Wiki.

I couldn’t access the umbrel OS via ssh, in order to verify if the nvme was mounted or recognized by the OS.

I have this same exact problem - case. External device isn’t recognised as a mountable device. I was thinking to use rsync or flash directly to the SSD to see if that works but as I remember last week it didn’t and now I’m 95% synced for the 10th time since 2021.

I’m just gonna use Casa OS until there is a fix.

Having the same issue, not showing the M.2 NVME Drive. Blockchain downloads too the SD Card?

I have the NVMe HAT working with a 4 TB SSD. The issue I’m having is with syncing micro sd to ssd and booting from ssd as the primary drive. I’ve done this before but with raspbian not Umbrel they’re both versions of Debian so I’m not sure why one works and the other doesn’t.

I’ll keep plying about with it… already wiped the drive once more :expressionless: past the point of return so why stop now?

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How did you get the NVME hat working? I don’t mind booting from the mSD, I just want all my data on the SSD.

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I see that everyone has problems as soon as an NVMe is connected to the PI5.

I’m describing mine to share with you.

I also have a PI 5 that boots correctly on an M2.MVMe (no SD Card inserted).

I download an image for the PI5 as the official version of “Raspberry Pi OS” based on Debian Bookworm.

For installation, I first connect the M2.NVMe to a USB3 adapter, then connect the USB3 cable to a Linux PC. If automounting, dismount.

On the Linux PC, in a terminal, I type :
“sudo dd if=2023-12-05-raspios-bookworm-arm64.img of=/dev/sd* bs=4M conv=fsync status=progress”.

  • replace with the correct device, be careful if you make a mistake you can erase your PC’s hard disk!

Then I connect the M2.NVMe to the PI5 and set power On.

The installation goes perfectly with “Raspberry Pi OS”. then I have a system that starts up very quickly with very good mass memory access.

With the latest version of UmbrelOS adapted to the Pi5, I get a kernel panic when installing the system. The installation procedure fails because it wants to access “/dev/mmcblk0” (the reference SD card slot for the PI).

My advice: wait for an update to fix these problems.

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Seems something is being worked on here.

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this is very painfull…, Why i dont install Umbrell OS image to RPI5 directly to nvme without sd card easy and fast with RPI imager or Balena etcher etc !!! We have year 2024.

When i install Raspbian directly to NVME over RPi imager - that working fine and fast, but i must install Umbrel manually, and Umbrel / Bitcoion core / Lightning updates not usualy working.
When i install Umbrel to RPI over SDcard, OS not view NVME SSD over nvme HAT and i have only sd card storage…
Is any easy tutorial for RPI5 with NVME SSD and without SDcard ???

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I have been thinking of doing this myself.

See this thread for similar problems…

This thread is not the same as that thread…
That thread if regarding drives not showing via UBS whereas this is regarding adding support for NVME boards directly on the Pi, NOT via USB.

Which is why I specifically said similar…And at the time both were causing issues and there was no indication as to why.

They’re not similar. Umbrel has never supported the NVME hat this post is about. See here.

A USB drive not being recognised is not the same as the NVME drive from an NVME hat not being supported.

OK… You’re absolutely, positively, undoubtedly correct…yes sir! No similarity at all. Got it…Hope you didn’t spend too much time clicking that link…

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I’m posting what I put on another thread regarding installing Umbrel OS on a Pi 5’s NVME drive (that’s mounted via PCIe hat).

I found a workaround - this should work regardless of the Umbrel OS version since the Pi kernel should be able to mount and boot with an NVME drive if configured correctly on the EEPROM. I used Pi Imager on Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit Desktop, and just downloaded the Pi 5 Umbrel OS image, and set it up on the NVME drive - if you have your drive mounted and it can be detected on Pi OS, you should just be able to select it as the target, and just use Umbrel OS as a custom OS image, and voila, fast Umbrel on a Pi (again). And then just remove whatever SD card you have in the Pi, and according to boot priority set in raspi-config on Pi OS (I chose SD → NVME → USB), if you pull out the SD card, it should just boot into Umbrel OS. That’s basically it - hope this helps!

I also used the same hat - I would say double check your connections and test out the hat on Pi OS before anything else - update EEPROM and stuff, the whole spiel, and then you can try installing Umbrel OS on it. Check out this digikey guide (Getting Started with NVMe Base for Raspberry Pi 5) - I followed most of it for the NVME drive setup. Make sure that your drive works on another OS (Pi OS would probably make the most sense) before trying it out with Umbrel (I think the way boot priority is set up, it will default to the SD card as of now at least). I’ve had a little trouble figuring out config stuff specifically for the Pi through Umbrel, but doing it before set up made it a lot easier.