Umbrel on NVMe drives

For those of you who, like me, are new to Umbrel and purchased a Pi5 and an NVMe SSD, you will likely be struggling to get the OS installed and running. I hope to save you many hours of frustration trying to figure it out, especially if you’re a novice user.

Equipment I used:
Pi5 8G
Pi OEM Power Supply
WD Black SN770 2T NVMe SSD
PCIe to SSD M.2 Board (I used this one: Geekworm 1002)
Case of your choice
Note that the board you select may interfere with the cooling unit of your case, so shop around.


That should do it! Hope this helps save everyone as much pain as I had trying to figure all this out not nowing that Umbrel 1.x did not yet support NVMe SSDs.


UPDATE: Since I wrote the above guide, Umbrel has pulled code for a CURL install, so for step 3, you will have to flash the Umbrel package directly to an SSD rather than PiOS. Once you apply the changes outlined in the instructions, remove the mSD and the Pi will boot directly from your SSD, and you can then proceed with the install via IP.

Thank you i am
A novice and i had Umbrel installed on my ras 5 with a hdd usb linked. Due to performance and noise decided to upgrade to nvme and i am waiting for it.
i hope i’ll be able to do so; i will follow your guide. I was hoping for smth simple :frowning: