Pi 5 NVME hat-- not possible to install Umbrel on it?

Just getting into Umbrel for the first time. I have a Pi 5 with a NVME hat that I had previously been using for all the Arr’s/Plex, but wanted to try out the Umbrel route.

Seems like I can only install Umbrel on an external USB drive, not on the NVME? Or, am I missing something?

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Correct. They say they will support NVMe in 1.1 but don’t clarify if that means you can install/boot on NVMe or just use it as a storage device.

So today (1.0.4), no NVMe drive attached to a RPi 5 PCIe hat, but yes to NVMe SSD if it’s installed in a USB3 enclosure that the UmbrelOS kernel supports, but it’s a crapshoot to find one that does work.

Future (1.1), maybe support NVMe PCIe hat SSD, but no clarity on UmbrelOS being able to boot from NVMe/PCIe hat.


Any sort of ETA on 1.1? Seems like I should probably wait, before spending time getting it dialed in without NVME support.


I found a workaround - this should work regardless of the Umbrel OS version since the Pi kernel should be able to mount and boot with an NVME drive if configured correctly on the EEPROM. I used Pi Imager on Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit Desktop, and just downloaded the Pi 5 Umbrel OS image, and set it up on the NVME drive - if you have your drive mounted and it can be detected on Pi OS, you should just be able to select it as the target, and just use Umbrel OS as a custom OS image, and voila, fast Umbrel on a Pi (again). And then just remove whatever SD card you have in the Pi, and according to boot priority set in raspi-config on Pi OS (I chose SD → NVME → USB), if you pull out the SD card, it should just boot into Umbrel OS. That’s basically it - hope this helps!

Hey guys this is now officially supported, there’s a public beta if you want to try: Release umbrelOS 1.2 Beta 1 · getumbrel/umbrel · GitHub

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