How to access Umbrel using Impervious

Someone help me please. I have not been able to access my Umbrel Node with Tor Browser for months. Has Umbrel made access using Impervious available yet. I am so sick of Tor

Can you attempt to reboot your Umbrel via System > Restart and copy your Tor address once more from your settings page, if it doesn’t immediatley work on your Tor browser- on the top right hamburger icon/settings icon try to reconnect via the “New Tor circuit for this site” option. With the nature of Tor if you’re still having issues I can also suggest connecting using Tailscale, many users have reported a much more reliable connection when connecting to Tailscale VPN using its generated IP address which you can connect to from any browser. You would also be able to use this IP to connect to your node with Impervious Browser. Can I confirm as well you are usually connecting outside of your local network, so choose not to use the http://umbrel.local address to connect to your Umbrel locally?

If you were also looking for steps to connect your Lightning Node on your Umbrel to Impervious for its lightning features here are the steps provided by the Impervious.AI team to accomplish that,

Connect your node to the Impervious Browser:

  1. SSH into your Umbrel
  2. Get your hex’s to copy and paste them in your Impervious browser settings, for your tls cert using this command:
    xxd -p -c2000 ~/umbrel/app-data/lightning/data/lnd/tls.cert

For your admin macaroon:
xxd -ps -u -c 1000 /umbrel/app-data/lightning/data/lnd/admin.macaroon

  1. In Umbrel’s Lightning Node app, click the three dots in the upper right corner and then select “lightning address." Copy the long blob of text, from left to right UP TO the @ (do not include the @).

  2. Go back to Impervious -> Settings -> Relay & Lightning -> Under Import a Lightning Node

  3. Enter in the IP address, port (10009), pubkey, paste in the TLS hex, macaroon hex.

  4. Click Update Lighting Configuration.

  5. You’re now connected!

For further details on how to SSH into your Umbrel you can reference “How to SSH” in our FAQ Guide here:

I hope I answered your question, please feel free to provide any further details if not and also happy to further troubleshoot!