Access umbrel from anywhere

Hello, I want to access my local Umbrel from anywhere. I used Tailscale, and it works for me, but I want to access it through an IP or DNS. I tried using Ngrok and Cloudflare, and it works, but it only displays the dashboard and settings. When I try to access any app, like Lightning, it does not open. what I should do any suggestions

Hi @ghassen can you please clarify what you mean by ‘access it through an IP’. This is what is achieved with Tailscale, and it important to be careful with how accessible your Umbrel instance is- it is not advisable to have your instance accessible over a public IP if possible.

I have been using Tailscale, which allows me to access it, but I’m seeking a solution that provides a link similar to Cloudflare or ngrok. I prefer not to set up Tailscale on every device I use to access the Umbrel. I just want a simple link. I’ve experimented with ngrok and Cloudflare, and while they open the Umbrel dashboard and settings, accessing applications like the Lightning node seems to be problematic. They keep attempting to open but return a ‘page timeout’ error, indicating that they are not reachable(I want to know why). so I need to access to umbrel from any where without tailscale and tor .