How to connect to node remotely?

I have my node at home and I would like to connect remotely to my Umbrel to work on it. Is there any way to do so?
I haven’t found anything on internet.

Yes, you can connect remotely if you toggle ‘Remote Tor access’ to ‘On’ in your ‘Settings’ screen once logged in to Umbrel UI. Just underneath you will find your nodes Tor address which you can copy/paste and bookmark in a Tor Browser (e.g. Onion Browser) and access your node from remote. You can then log-in with your PW and 2FA (if you have 2FA enabled).

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If the Tor connection is too slow, you can also set up a VPN with the Tailscale APP and communicate with the Node via it :wink:

+1 all the way. Tailscale is perfect for remotely accessing Umbrel.

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Is there any other way? Tor is indeed slow, but tailscale requires signing up with an SSO provider - I want to remote access without having to use a third party auth solution.

When i use tail…it only has my phones address listed at the top…how do i access my node with it?

Hi @jplourde00
Have you set-up Tailscale | Umbrel App Store on your Umbrel?