How does work?

Silly question, but how can I get this fix into my umbrel?

I imagine it starts as: sudo ~/scripts/update/update --repo

But not sure the rest. Any help?

Hmm you linked a fix that looks like it was already committed, were you trying to manually update your Umbrel? For a manual update it would be like this:

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/update/update --repo getumbrel/umbrel#v0.5.3

Unless it’s something else you were trying to do?

I think I need something more like this to work since I can’t recover the update button on GUI:

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/update/update --repo getumbrel/lnd#v0.15.5-beta

P. S. - it doesn’t work

I assume you could still go edit it directly, in the app files in ~/umbrel/app-data/lightning and whatever you got there.
I, personally, don’t have it installed, but despite it has a full integration with the umbrel web UI, it still installed via the app-store, and therefor, surely is installed as an app internally (And maybe, would not be affected by this command, trying to update umbrel instead of the specific app)

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