How do I monitor reindex progress, in real time?

Hey all,
so I began the sync with the blockchain, turned off the raspi, attached the drive to my pc and copied over the chainstate and blocks folders from an already synced drive and then added ‘reindex=1’ to the bitcoin.conf file.

I’ve plugged the drive back into the raspi, have accessed it via the web browser but the umbrel UI remains stuck at synchronize

When I view the logs, at the bitcoin core logs section it states that it is reindexing and then when I reload the logs, the reindexing has progressed but is there anyway for me to watch the reindexing progress without having to constantly reload the logs?

You can use tail to follow the logs in real-time, so if you want a quick way to view the latest 10 lines in the log, you use tail -f <bitcoin_log_file> for example: tail -f debug.log
To exit tail, you can press CTRL+C.

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thanks heaps for the response.
Unfortunately, when I try this, I get this response

umbrel@umbrel:~ $ tail -f debug.log
tail: cannot open ‘debug.log’ for reading: No such file or directory
tail: no files remaining

nevermind, I had written the wrong log file destination.

Fixed it with this

tail -f ./umbrel/bitcoin/debug.log

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How long did it take to reindex? I’ve been running it for a long time and can’t tell from the status logs how far along I am.

the reindex took about a day but once it all finished there were still issues and I ended up having to do a drive format and synced the whole blockchain again.