Both wallets stuck Synchronizing

I’m new. I have read the Trouble Shooting guides but still have an issue with both my wallet stuck synchronising after BTC core download over a day ago.

I’m running a Pi 4
Official Pi power supply
BTC Core has fully downloaded
I have waited over 24 hours and wallets still stuck.
I have looked at log on both setting pages and followed guide to look at SSH
Terminal log reports - The debug script did not automatically detect any issues with your Umbrel.
No option to save link of de bug log.
Running latest version of Unbrel
Rebooted my Pi from setting page.

Can anyone help? I like videos if there is one about??

Patience, a lot of patience you must have…
Is not just downloading the blockchain, but also a full validation of blocks.
This will ta-ke at least- days (depending on many factors) and even after you see bitcoin sync % still will take more 8-12h to let electrum server to index the blocks and compact the database of the index.

So again, patience is the key.

Hi thanks for taking the time to reply.

I’m now at over 36 hours from fulling downloading the blocking. Its at 100% and running fine and i can see new blocks being added. My wallets are still stuck Syncing. Ive gone through your trouble shooting guide to run the debug script. It reports no issues but does not give me the option to save the link at the end as you mention.

When i watched the Youtube video from BTC Sessions he showes the ability to use the wallets while the Blockchain is downloading, I never had this option.

Any ideas?

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