Bitcoin Node Synch ~Regressing~

My Bitcoin node will be completely synched and lightning node working fine and then it will hang and then when I log back in and look at bitcoin node, it has to re synch from 3 days ago. Doesn’t make any sense. It’s happening over and over again and my channel partners are bummed that my lightning node seems to be offline so much. Any ideas?

Have you ever followed these steps before? As you may have forgot to finish the last part.

Otherwise, what SSD/HDD are you using?

Thanks I’ll investigate that. In the meantime, I deleted Tailscale and it seems to have resolved the issue. I did notice that whenever I started a new Tailscale session this issue would happen. Does that ring a bell?

Interesting, no haven’t seen Tailscale link to this kind of issue before.

Otherwise I should have mentioned before

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/debug
~/umbrel/scripts/app compose bitcoin logs --tail 250

are great ways to try investigate these kind of issues too.