Umbrel stuck syncing2

How to reindex Bitcoin Core in Umbrel 0.5.1? I cannot find bitcoin.conf to add the line reindex=1. Link to previously reported issue below:

Umbrel stuck syncing - Support and Troubleshooting - Umbrel Community (

Hey @svetlyoh !
You can create the bitcoin.conf file using :
nano ~/umbrel/app-data/bitcoin/data/bitcoin/bitcoin.conf
As reindexing is an expensive operation for a raspberry pi (if you are using a raspberry pi) and does not guarantee to solve the problem it’s probably better to restart the syncing process from scratch.

Thank you, Marcaday. Can you please share the steps to restart the resyncing process from scratch? Sincerely, Svet H

Yes! You only have to uninstall the Bitcoin App and reinstall it from the app store, that’ll erase the blockchain data and re-download them again.