Is the orignal --reindex flag from bitcoin.conf option available in umbrel or not?

I have the chainstate and blocks folders saved on a disk from a previous umbrel node (~450 GB of data). I really can’t afford to download the blockchain all over again.

I’ve copied the old chainstate and blocks folder into the new umbrel node but I keep on getting this error:

“Please restart with -reindex or -reindex-chainstate to recover.”

I’m used to fixing this error by setting the -reindex flag in bitcoin.conf

Is this option available in umbrel latest version or not at all?

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I’m aware this is an old post, but I couldn’t find the answer anywhere so had to do some digging and poking around - this is how to add reindex on Umbrel 0.5 +in case anyone else is looking for it.

Once you have your blockchain and folders transferred - if the SSD is still attached to another computer, then look for the file in ~/umbrel/app-data/bitcoin

If ssh’d into your Umbrel, then stop the Umbrel service:
sudo systemctl stop umbrel-startup

Go to the directory:
cd ~/umbrel/app-data/bitcoin

Back that file up:
cp ./ ./exports.bak

Edit the file
sudo nano ./

Scroll down to the last of the BIN_ARGS+= lines and add a new line after it with:
BIN_ARGS+=( “-reindex=1” )

Ctrl+X and Y to save the file then restart the Umbrel service:
sudo systemctl start umbrel-startup

To check progress:
tail -f ./data/bitcoin/debug.log

It will run through each block file and re-index, it may take a while
Reindexing block file blk00269.dat…
Loaded 347 blocks from external file in 9104ms

Once the reindex is complete, edit the file again and remove the reindex line you added, this will prevent another reindex on reboot.